About Us

Established in 2003, our company was formerly known as TO Office Furniture before changing its name in 2012 to Stellar Design — which means "the quality of a star performer". Our aim is to provide peace of mind professional interior design services to all our clients. We are an interior design company which specialises in creating spaces and interiors that define and express our client's corporate identity in diverse industries, from banking and finance to education and healthcare. We offer a wide range of office furnishing systems from workstations, desks, chairs to wall and floor coverings.

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Why Choose Us?

Now you don't have to spend sleepless nights wondering where to start or how to go about your office renovation. Stellar Design will ease your burden and provide a complete peace of mind solution to your every need.

The impact of dynamic workstation design is undeniable. By listening to and understanding your problems we create flexible workplaces with designs that reflect the corporate image of your business. As it represents an opportunity for:


Cost Effective

Office renovation has never been more challenging but we pride ourselves in providing cost effective yet elegant office design that maximize space usage. It is design to be highly flexible and can be easily expanded or rearranged. Since, we are one stop office renovation solution, we supply great selection and affordable office furniture at your picking. At Stellar Design, we ensure our product are durable within quality assurance, so that our client can buy with peace of mind.

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Employee Performance

Newly-design space bring forth a more modern office look and it can add personality into the workspace. Not only it increases the team’s spirit, it facilitate better flow of the movement within the workspace. Hence, a good office design enhance employee collaboration and work efficiency. What’s more, it can be a form of maximizing storage level which take away unnecessary installations and be space efficient.

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Brand Perception

We living in a world where there is a lot of option, so first impression can be the deciding factor on anything. This is very applicable for offices that usually do business transaction and client meeting regularly in their office. Newly renovated office can build sense of trust and confidence in the customer when they do business transaction. Moreover, it also help with employee retention by imparting a sense of belonging and also encourage talented individual to apply to work for your company.

stellar design Brand Perception