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Carpet Cost

Carpet Cost

Carpet Cost

Carpeting can take up a huge chunk in one’s renovation budget, which is absolutely essential in every home. Not to mention the labor required to establish a foundation and lay tiles, an average flooring cost can set you back up from a a few hundred to maybe even a few thousand RM. That amount, of course, varies depending on the type of material or finish you are using, design, brand, area size and other factors.


The cost of a carpet is , without a doubt heavily dependent on the material that is it made out of. Carpets consists of an upper layer of stack which is attached to a backing. The pile used to be made 100 percent from wool but the 80/20 mix and synthetic fibers became the popular choice after the 20th century, because it was less expensive than wool. Synthetic fibers like nylon , polyester, and polypropylene were much cheaper to use compared to wool for pile. The fibre types are classified as either Synthethic or Natural. Synthetic fibre are made by machines. The majority of the carpets sold today are synthetic which include materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Triexta, and Polypropylene. Natural fibers have their origins in nature. They are harvested and then processed into carpet. These are carpets by made by materials such as Wool, Silk, Cotton , Jute, Coir, and many others.

The average cost for Synthetic Fibre carpets range from RM 4.5 – RM 15 per Square feet. Meanwhile, the more premium carpets which are made from Natural Fibre such as Wool can range between RM45 – RM60 per Square feet depending on the type of Natural Fibre.

Measuring Your Space

You can not get a realistic estimate of the costs without knowing how much to buy. And some shops profit from customers by selling them a lot more carpet than they need. Measure your spaces to avoid this, and make an area diagram. Indicate door and closet positions, and other protrusions. Also the diagram should show the height and depth of the steps.

Show salespeople in multiple stores your diagram, and have them estimate how much your job requires. Though some waste is unavoidable, it be kept to a minimum by a good store.

Get Prices For The Full Package

The time and effort needed to find the cost of your desired carpet material, measure the area of your space, finding the pattern you fancy , as well as other decision making factors are without a doubt going to wash down a lot of your time down the drain – and we haven’t even consider the installation process yet! Hence there is always an option to hire a professional such as StellarDesign to cater to your desired needs and budget without compromising on style.

Price quotes should include the type of padding, whether the installation is included, whether the take-up and removal of the old carpet is included, whether the installation of new quarter-round molding at the base of the woodwork is included, whether you want it (usually an add-on), and whether doors that do not clear the carpet will be cut (which many stores will not do).

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