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Hospitality Carpet Tiles

Hospitality Carpet Tiles

In the hospitality industry such as tourism, hotel & lodging, event planning, food and beverage, gaming and casinos, just to name a few; the eclectic mix of design, patterns, textures and colors of carpet tiles are the determining factors to entice their guests and patrons.

Such carpet tiles have to be nothing short of stunning with tantalizing appearance. Every business within the hospitality sector has its own set of design requirements that portray its unique identity.

Hotel Carpet Tiles / Hospitality Carpet Tiles

Why Our Hospitality Carpet Tiles?

It is a given that hospitality carpets are known for its visual flair. What sets us different though is on top of our extensive list of design variations, our carpet tiles are built to last long coupled with superior durability that is capable of handling high foot traffic, liquid and solid spillage, ease of maintenance and ease of cleaning.

The longevity of colored and patterned carpets are made possible by using patented color dye system that is meant for industry use.

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