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More than 25 years of experience in the carpeting industry, Stellar Design is proud to offer a complete range of carpet services. With over 200 stunning carpet design, vitality, innovative sizes, and texture. We as Carpet Contractor Malaysia provide the best carpet solution such as carpet supply, installation, maintenance whether is for business, offices, government, education, healthcare, and even hospitality. Our carpeting contractor is aiming to extend unlimited custom designs to fit special needs. Simultaneously, we constantly improving the product quality by pushing design boundaries to create carpet materials that are environmentally friendly and visually appealing that enhances your carpet flooring. Besides our extensive carpet collections in the sales catalog library, we continuously in tune with the latest carpet trends to meet the market demands. Moreover, all of our carpet tiles has the highest level of quality and sustainability. They are tested to meet International standards like CRI or Leeds.
Carpet Contractor Malaysia


Business Carpet Supplier Malaysia

Floor covering determines to a greater extent the way a room or space is experiencing. The colour and texture set the atmosphere for the entire interior which indirectly improving individual productivity and effectiveness. Carpet tile reduces the noise level three times higher compared to the hard flooring which suitable for open office space; Carpet flooring is extremely durable and designed for business or offices that have high foot traffic. Excellent wears and stain resistance quality that come with 10 to 15 years warranty. Carpet tile is easy to maintain and clean; a fuss-free maintenance whereby replacement requires on the damaged tiles only. Those are the reasons why carpet tiles have remained popular over the years for business or commercial offices like the embassy building, private equity & investment firms, real estate, law firms, airlines office, automotive offices, bank, public buildings, school & universities, health care center and government offices.


Education Carpet Supplier Malaysia

Today’s environment demand carpet that not only looks and feels great from the moment individual walk on it. Education carpet must endure a series of challenges that include the air quality in a confined room and require good sound absorption that improves students concentration when they are in the classroom. The carpet also has to be comfortable and has slip-resistant texture to avoid fatigue & the chances of falling when walking. Our tiles are flexible and come in various sizes that made installation easy. Our solution is to provide the best carpet design & installation while adding cost-effectiveness into consideration.


Hospitality Carpet Supplier Malaysia

In the industry of hospitality, such as tourism, hotel & lodging, event planner, restaurants & drinking establishments, gaming and casinos, the carpets demand is endless and unlimited possibilities in design patterns and colours combination. The results have to be stunning without compromising on visual texture. It is a subject of applicability of the concept when it comes to specifying carpets for hotels, cruise, casinos, clubs or restaurants. However, hospitality carpets serve not only for design purposes, it must be built to last and durability that able to handle high foot traffic, food spillage, easy maintenance, and cleaning. A well-designed hospitality carpet able to entice and enrich the customer experience to the maximum.


Hotel Carpet Supplier Malaysia

Healthcare industry is constantly in need of infrastructure upgrades to deliver a patient care center that eliminates any discomfort during the customer visit. Hence, our healthcare carpet tiles play an important factor to overcome the common problems such as long-standing and tired feet which is a distress when there is a long queue. Falling injuries are also one of the major issues in healthcare buildings. By installing carpet flooring, they can significantly reduce the chance of falling injury as the carpet is an inherently non-slip and cushioning floor covering. Our cushion backing carpet not only durable but also offers consistent performance over the lifetime of the product. Moreover, the new innovative technologies allow carpets to trap toxic dust particles and unpleasant smell of chemical impurities on the fibre yarn surface which improve the indoor air quality. This product attributes indeed as the main criteria during the selection of healthcare carpet tiles.