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Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture

Modern office furniture nowadays seems to be taking center stage for corporate offices worldwide and this is certainly for a very good reason. The type of furniture placed at the office tells a lot about the company and can have a direct effect not only on the output of the employees but also on the type of services that the customers get.

Modern businesses want to create functional workspaces where there can be creativity, synergy, success and a strong corporate culture; but most importantly, a workspace where their employees look forward to come into everyday. The modern office feel is kind of like a vibe of James Bond’s style; you don’t want to boast about how big, heavy, and chunky your furniture is, but how cool, sleek, and unchunky it is.

Everlasting Change

Office furniture is designed to adapt to a constantly changing environment with ease and efficiency. Modern office furniture is getting lighter, slimmer, more adjustable, ergonomic and friendly to the environment. With fewer paperwork in contemporary corporate environments, larger office storage cabinets and drawers are needed less. Modern office furniture trends towards modular designs with the ability to separate and reconfigure the workflow without major disruption. Besides that, partitions and privacy walls are more likely to be lightweight and mobile, if not entirely mobile. Below are a few new concepts & ideas that have grown in trend over the past couple of years and have demonstrated their need to be included in any modern workspace.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Choosing the right office chair can have a tremendous impact on your life. Just imagine this, you’re going to spend the better part of your days glued to the chair you choose for your office. It may not seem important, but selecting the wrong office chair can have detrimental effects on you, your productivity and your health. Choose wrong and you will be suffering from all kinds of health problems such as backaches, taking more days off work, low efficiency and large medical bills. With the amount of time we’re all spending sitting in our office chairs, it’s important to choose a well-designed, safe , and comfortable office chair.

The word “Ergonomic” can be defined as : constructed to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury. A chair should be equipped with the following standard features to be classified as ergonomic — height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, synchro tilt, waterfall seat pan, and adjustable arms.

Open Spaced Workstations

Gone are the days where offices had tall prison-styled cubicles. Over the last few years , the modern workspace has been taken over by open-style offices, benching systems and lower walled cubicles. We can all thank Silicon Valley for making these kinds of setups standard among tech startups. Open concept offices are designed to improve communication and workflow by promoting open communication and interaction, boosting employee morale and fostering a more creative environment.

Height-Adjustable Work Desks

The height-adjustable desk ergonomics are suitable for everyone in the office, from users of computer desks to cubicle dwellers and even office executives. Using one can make you become more vigilant, energetic and focused. Stepping up against sitting also allows you to be more active, burn calories, lose weight and live longer. In conclusion, a height-adjustable desk will Increase the user’s alertness, energy and focus while promoting activeness and health.

If you want a company that personifies creativity, synergy, energy, freshness and success — your workspace must match it. And if you want to match it, StellarDesign is always here to help!

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