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Carpet Cost

Carpeting can take up a huge chunk in one’s renovation budget, which is absolutely essential in every home. Not to mention the labor required to establish a foundation and lay tiles, an average flooring cost can set you back up from a a few hundred to maybe even a few thousand RM. That amount, of…
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Vinyl Flooring Contractor Malaysia

Select A Reputable Vinyl Flooring Malaysia

Installation of the vinyl flooring is now much in demand. If you are talking about office space or house, this is always the best choice. Without a question, the variety of designs and colors improves the overall look of those tiles. There are indeed many advantages of installing Vinyl flooring such as water proof, easy…
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Office Carpet Tiles Replacement & Installation

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Office Carpet?

Installing a new carpet tiles in the office will certainly be a visual enhancement. Having those lovely bright colors spread across the floor without any blemishes is like injecting a new life to the office environment. New carpeting is clean and sterile but it will not last long unfortunately. No matter how much work a…
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Office interior design & concepts

New Office Interior Design Ideas and Concepts

Ask yourself questions like these: How do you feel about the world itself? Does the atmosphere restrict you or empower you? Do you feel more alert or distant by the sights, thoughts, scents, etc.? When it comes to designing a company office space, especially in terms of home office design, it is really all about…
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Carpet Tiles Installation Check List

Carpet Tiles Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist

As a professional and experienced office renovation contractor in Malaysia, we know first-hand what it should cost from Simple, Good, and of course the best and exclusive use of carpet tiles for various applications. Cost can quickly add up, particularly if you are an inexperienced and have never tried installing a Carpet Tiles before.

Benefits of Office Renovation

Benefits of Office Renovation

Wondering whether you need to renovate the office? It may seem like an enormous job to undertake an office renovation in Malaysia, but a well-planned office renovation can bring long-term benefits for a company and its employees. Today, we’re looking at the several benefits that your company could reaping from the office renovation. Company Branding…
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