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Tips for Picking a Carpet Company & Supplier in Malaysia

Tips for Picking a Carpet Company & Supplier in Malaysia

Carpet Company and Supplier - Tips for Picking a Carpet Company & Supplier in Malaysia

Hiring a pro sometimes makes sense, rather than taking on a job yourself. But selecting the wrong carpet company and supplier can cause delays, subpar work, and even legal issues. These guidelines will assist you in selecting a professional carpet specialist and ensuring a good working relation.

Go With Your Guts

For days, weeks , or even months, a contractor may be in your home and around your family, while changing the way your home looks and functions. So if for any reason you don’t like a contractor, don’t hire him or her. The period of the project is a kind of marriage. If you don’t connect with your contractor, you may end up in shambles with the most suffering.

Do some research on the contractor and their staff. Check online to see if a past customer has reported them in a negative light. When interacting with prospective contractors, try examining their social competencies. Imagine that’s a first date and you’re trying to figure out if somebody’s going to make a good partner. After all, in the remodeling project you will be true partners.When you speak with contractors, your gut will automatically tell you which one is the easiest to handle and follow that feeling then Rate each of these on a 0 to 10 scale. The aim here is to find someone who can be easily worked with.

Asking The Right Questions

To get an idea of how the overall process will work before you hire a contractor, ask the right questions. That way you’ll know what to expect when work starts. Think of asking questions like; who’ll be the main contact point during the project? What is their process for resolving disputes? What hours are they going to work at the project? What is your dispute resolution process? Who is responsible for any permits required?

Ask them plenty of questions and see how they respond. From there on you will be able to analyze how easy it is to talk to them, Are they friendly when answering questions and providing Explanations or do they seem impatient? Do you find them pushing you to make some decisions you dont feel like making by being overly forceful? Not only will you receive a clear idea of the process for the timeline that the project will be running, but you will also be able to analyze the contractor as an individual which will further assist your decision in choosing the right one.


One of the best ways to assess a prospective contractor is by the work they’ve done in the past. It can be of help in determining the quality. Most importantly, if they have done similar projects to yours it can give you peace of mind.

Most contractors will be keen to provide their work with a varied portfolio. This will mostly take the form of photos and videos. Many will have a portfolio section on their website where you can browse through various projects and get a feel for the kinds of challenges that the contractor faces and how they can solve them. If you want a more up-close look at their work, feel free to request a visit to one of their job sites.

When ranking the portfolio of the contractor, consider such factors as:

  • The number of past portfolio projects. 
  • The quality of previous projects. 
  • The contractor’s actual willingness to share their portfolio of projects.

Look for contractors who have performed a number of similar projects, such as the one you planned. Here at Stellar Design, our experience in this particular area could prove to be invaluable, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to assist with your carpeting needs!

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