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25 Years Of Excellence

Companies from all sorts of industries such as SMEs, conglomerates, government, education, healthcare and hospitality has its own specific needs and requirements of a suitable carpet flooring.

Throughout the years of supplying, installing and rendering maintenance on carpeted paths where millions of people have walked on, we have perfected the solution by understanding client’s needs, down to the minute details and subsequently deliver them with stellar track records.

Over 200 Designs Of Functional and International Standards Carpet Design

These carpets are handpicked and included in our portfolio for its time-tested reliability in terms of timeless design, innovative sizes and uniquely beautiful textures. We constantly update our library catalogue of carpet selections following the latest trends to meet the market’s ever changing demand.

Highest Level of Quality and Sustainability

One important criterion is constant though: Our carpet tiles are selected based on the highest level of quality and sustainability. They are rigorously tested to meet International standards like CRI or Leeds.

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Types of Carpet Tiles

Business Carpet Tiles

Business Carpet Tiles

Business / Office Carpet tiles have been a mandatory feature for business and commercial offices for many years. Check out how far business carpet tiles have advanced to accommodate this era’s fast paced business environment.

Healthcare Carpet Tiles

Healthcare carpet tiles are specially designed to withstand most impacts such as footsteps (due to human traffic) and other forms of impacts. Other than being aesthetically pleasant to soothe the eyes, the carpets have to be walked on comfortably for hospital staff, patients and other individuals. Check out other important features of healthcare carpet tiles.

Hospitality Carpet Tiles

Creativity and visual flair of such carpet are the main draw for hospitality sectors. A well-designed carpets with endless configurations and unlimited possibilities in design patterns and color combinations will attract their customers, enriching customer’s satisfaction experience.

Education Carpet Tiles

Sound/noise absorption, simple colors and dirt/air trap factor are considerations that must be looked upon when selecting education carpet tiles. A good carpet selection will enhance the ambiance and better experience in using the classrooms and other related rooms.

Educational Carpet Tiles