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Interior Planning

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Interior Planning

These are the common questions ask during interior planning stage:-

Office Interior Planning & Renovation


How much office space is required?

Calculating the amount of office space your business needs can help to lower operational cost, as office space per worker differs by industry sector and occupation.

The total space requirement is measured by the amount of room needed for all employees to perform daily activities, while taking into account future growth.


What do you want for your office?

Outlining the aims of each individual project helps to shape the design process, to simplify and organize the project into different stages and to generate the final design.

You should state your design criteria, for example — workspace needs, meeting areas, shared facilities, technology usage, storage requirements, recreation and well-being facilities; as well as your desired budget and time table.

Office Interior Planning & Renovation - Requirement
Office Interior Planning & Renovation - Budget Planning


How much do you want to spend?

We provide transparent budgeting with no hidden cost. The proposed costing is quoted as per what you required with the stipulated budget.


How and where to start?

This involves the design of effective spatial sequences, the functional relationship between sharing facilities, an arrangement of furniture, planning effective circulation systems, making spaces accessible and designing a safe environment with egress system.

Once you agreed on the space planning, we will create a design scheme which aligns the workplace with your corporate vision.

Office Renovation Planning
Office Renovation - Selection of Materials


What are the choices of material?

We have a comprehensive selection of materials and finishing to ensure you achieve your chosen office concept within the stipulated budget. Our sourcing services covers everything from joinery, lighting, air-conditioning to office furniture.


What is the project timeline?

We assure you that the project is well managed from start to finish, accounting for predetermined construction factors such as planning regulations and building utility services. An experienced project management team will provide speedy execution and solve problems that arise on site to avoid project delay.

Office Renovation & Interior Planning
Office Renovation Malaysia


When can you see the finished product?

We will conduct project handover as per proposal schedule of work with on time delivery.

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