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Business Carpet Tiles

Business Carpet Tiles

Business carpet tiles are primarily designed as a durable and practical solution for daily high foot traffic. Generally, carpet tiles have reduced noise level from impacts up to three times softer compared to hard flooring. This is made possible by having cushion backing made from PU, PVC and so on.

The choice of conservative or vibrant colors and variable texture designs set the mood and atmosphere of the office environment and ambiance. A perfect combination of colors and textures could determine the outcome of the working environment which in turn affects the productivity level.

Business Carpet Tiles & Commercial Carpet Tiles Malaysia

Why Our Business Carpet Tiles?

Having consulted, supplied and installed business carpet tiles for many organizations in diverse range of industries for the past 25 years, we have amassed a collective experience and outlook of what is considered the best color and design combination of the right kind of carpet for them.

In addition, we have participated relevant local and international trade fairs and expos to witness the current trends of carpet tile designs and its specifications. Combining these knowledge and experience, we constantly update our product portfolio to provide the latest, yet timeless carpet tile designs suited for the right kind of industry and of course, with the right specifications.

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