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About Us

Professional Office Interior Design & Office Renovation Services

Stellar Design Sdn Bhd (Stellar Design) was established in 2003. Our company which is synonymous with “the quality of a star performer”, aims to provide peace of mind professional office interior design & office renovation services to all our clients.

We specialize in creating commercial spaces and providing total solution for office interior design that defines and exudes corporate identity in diverse industries, from financial institutions and government entities to education centers and healthcare providers.

Signature Carpet Tiles Solution

Our signature carpet tiles solution represents a major element of an office renovation, backed by 25 years of impeccable track record of supplying, designing and installing carpet tiles for prominent clienteles.

We offer a wide range of comfortable, functional and modular office furnishing systems from workstations, desks, chairs to wall and floor coverings.

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It Makes Business Sense To Renovate Your Office

Whether it is small or large businesses, every business owner aims to grow bigger than what they used to be. As your business grows, the state of your office space needs to adapt and evolve in tandem with it.

With Stellar Design, we are not just focusing on providing a nicely renovated office space. First, we understand your office renovation requirements. Then based on the allocated budget, we implement a total renovation solution that takes into account of its modularity and practicality so that it will be scalable for future renovation purposes that saves your time and money for now and for the future.

Cost Effective / Cost Saving Office Renovation in Malaysia

Cost Effective Renovation

The pinnacle of a perfectly renovated office is an elegantly renovated office space that maximizes office space with modularity and practicality. Most importantly however is achieving a cost effective solution for it. We have achieved as such throughout our extensive years of experience delivering cost effective results. One of the important aspect of a future-proof renovated office is it has to be flexible and can be easily arranged and expanded. In other words, it has to be modular. To top it off, our assurance of quality ensures that the fixtures and furniture has to be durable and of good quality to withstand daily use.

Maximizing Performance and Productivity

The state and outlook of the office space is a reflection of the owner or company’s personality and identity. So naturally, one would like to maximize the productivity of the company by increasing the effectiveness of the work space, setting up a highly-charged work ambiance and aesthetically-pleasing environment that impresses anyone who takes the first step into the entrance.

Good Office Interior Design & Renovation Enhance Employee Performance
Renovated office can build sense of trust and confidence

Brand Perception

A brand reflects everything about your company. It is how consumers think, feel and react in experiencing the projection of your brand presence. In this case, the outlook of a building space dictates how the audience interprets their first impression based on sensory information gathered through them touring into your premise. A renovated space with a pleasantly inviting presence and environment and highly functional workspaces inculcate a positive cultural working style that is productivity-charged.

All the above strikes a great first impression and builds trust to the employees as well as its clients. It also creates a high value content to your office that resonates with these 4 elements: Rest, reflect, gather and socialize. Simply put, a well renovated space can transform your company’s brand identity to a whole new level.

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