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Healthcare Carpet Tiles

Healthcare Carpet Tiles

Healthcare centers are constantly undergoing infrastructure upgrades, which in turn creates long queues and significantly increased foot traffic. This means longer waiting time and congested human traffic. These carpet tiles are specially designed to provide additional cushioning to reduce fatigue for those who spends long periods of time standing and walking slowly while maneuvering in human traffic.

These specialized carpet flooring also significantly reduce the probability of falling injuries with its non-slipping materials. In case of falling, the additional cushioning will soften and minimize the impact of such injury.

The elimination of adhesive use facilitates the ease of installation, which in turn eliminates the use of sticker-based materials which is more environmental-friendly.

Healthcare Carpet Tiles

Why Our Healthcare Carpet Tiles?

Our carpet tiles come with patented cushioning system that offers consistent performance over the life span of it.

One of the innovative technologies employed in our healthcare carpet tiles includes antimicrobial properties on the fiber and backing of the carpets. It provides long lasting freshness and reliable protection against bacteria by ensuring that unpleasant odors, decay and discoloration from airborne contamination will not occur on the carpet since bacteria will not form or grow in the first place.

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