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Choose the best carpet tiles project contractor

Choose the best carpet tiles project contractor

Carpet Tiles Project Contractor

Today’s carpet tiles offer virtually all of the warmth, comfort, health and safety benefits. We may lack the wider custom design choices, but carpet tiles certainly have their own advantages and can be readily used for striking effect in most commercial and industrial projects, as the inspiring pictures show throughout this guide. Maybe it’s time for your next interior project or renovation project to get creative with carpet tiles.

Stellar Design provides quality carpet tiles project solutions for commercial spaces like offices, banks, public buildings, schools, universities and hotels. We have completed list of prominent portfolio nationwide, from education industry, hospitality industry, healthcare industry and commercial carpet tiles projects. However, Stellar Design equally enthusiastic about smaller projects which allow us to express our creative potential.

Hotels, offices, and public spaces need a particular approach to floor coverings. From a quality, mood and technical point of view. It is our goal to help you build a comfort and well-being atmosphere through a unique approach to design or custom carpet tiles design by request.

Why Carpet Tiles for Your Project?

In addition to the incredible flooring effects you can achieve, carpet tiles also offer significant cost and time savings over wall to wall carpet. Although the initial cost of carpet tiles may be lower than that of wall to wall carpet, regular pre-dyed unicolor wall to wall carpet may have comparable initial costs for some projects. Carpet tiles can be raised, moved and mounted much more quickly than wall to wall carpets and can be laid in a shorter time frame. Installing carpet tiles results in much less waste than installing wall to wall carpet, typically just 1-3% compared to around 5-25%. All these factors make carpet tiles perfect for tight-budget or tight-timeline projects.

Our Carpet Tiles

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