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Patterned Carpet Square

Patterned Carpet Square

Patterned Carpet Square

One of the main advantages of modular carpet tiles is that they offer flexibility in design. Not only are carpet tiles available in a much wider range of patterns, colors and designs than other types of flooring; they can also be installed in a variety of different patterns and layouts, adding an extra design flair to even a subtle choice of carpet tiles – Thats where Patterned Carpet Square comes in. Patterned Square carpet tiles installation options are fairly limited, but offer the opportunity to create patterns and designs that can’t be achieved with broadloom carpets. Essentially, to create patterns you can either rotate tiles, or offset them.

The Two Most Valuable Currencies

Carpet Squares are considerably easier to lift, move and install compared to wall-to-wall carpets, due to their small size. That is one of the main advantages of carpet squares versus other kinds of carpets. Typically, carpet tiles also result in considerably less waste during installation, since much less cutting is needed , especially in rooms with many nooks and odd angles. Some manufacturers also offer very lightweight carpet tiles which make life for carpet installers even easier.

For these reasons, carpet tiles offer considerable wall-to-wall cost and time savings , saving you in the two most considerable currencies – Money and Time, hence making carpet tiles an ideal choice for tight-budget or tight-timeline projects.

Design Flexibility

Carpet squares offer greater flexibility in design than wall carpets, in some ways. With new dyeing technologies, a wide range of colors and patterns can be created on carpet tiles which are not possible on wall to wall carpets. By applying dye after the carpet is cut into modular carpet squares, perfect design registration can be achieved across all edges of each tile, thus a design flows from tile to tile almost seamlessly.

Like wall to wall, carpet squares can be colored or custom designs can be applied on to create unique environments that are limited only by the imagination of the designer. Wall to wall is still your best option for unique or complicated custom designs, but with the emerging technologies, patterned carpet squares no longer necessarily mean a boxy look or a clean solid colour.


Altogether, in almost all commercial and institutional environments, carpet tiles can be used successfully to achieve striking effect. While wall-to-wall carpet remains the superior choice for large-scale patterning and creating a luxurious ambience, in almost all other cases carpet tiles are a cost-effective choice and create freedom of design potential far beyond any other non-carpet flooring options.

Hopefully this post has helped you understand what a patterned carpet square is and how you can use carpet tiles in design project where time and budget is critical. If you need help with your projects, feel free to contact Stellar Design to provide you with the best options for your carpeting solutions!

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