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Green Carpet : Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles For Environment Care

Green Carpet : Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles For Environment Care

Green Carpet : Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles

There are growing concerns about how business affects the climate. Thanks to the input and output of materials and potential waste that has been produced through the process, the manufacturing sector is one of those subject to thorough analysis. Because of that, new practices that will improve the sustainability of your original manufacturing operations are becoming increasingly important.

Stellar Design’s contract flooring is committed to the environment and to sustainability. Therefore, an environmental program was established, which consists of the implementation of practical measures and investments that contribute to a more sustainable carpet tile product and more efficient production process.

The program is evaluated on a yearly basis and the progress of the program and the effect of the investments is monitored through selected key performance indicators.

Measures are taken and investments done in four identified key areas which is :

  • Reduction of source and waste materials without compromising the durability and the quality of the carpet tiles.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in carpet tiles manufacturing
  • Maximal use of environmental friendly material and energy
  • Recycling of production and post consumer waste

With the continued increase in consumer demand for affordable and environmentally friendly carpet tiles, we respond by integrating green production processes into our daily operations. Contact us today to know more about our eco-friendly carpet solutions.

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