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Contract Flooring Malaysia

What Stellar Design Contract Flooring Can Offers?

Stellar Design is an industry leader in carpet tiles solution provider. We have over 25 years Of experience in the industry. Companies from all sorts of industries such as SMEs, conglomerates, government, education, healthcare and hospitality has its own specific needs and requirements of a suitable carpet flooring. Thus, please have a looks on what…
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Contract Flooring | Project Flooring Solutions

What Contract Flooring Options Available?

What is Contract Flooring ? Contract flooring is defining as the flooring work carry out through commercial and contract projects. The contract flooring job usually come from architects, home builders, property developers and any company where the flooring needs refreshment. Commercial properties basically require flooring that handle high foot traffics, so it is crucial that you get…
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Green Carpet : Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles

Green Carpet : Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles For Environment Care

There are growing concerns about how business affects the climate. Thanks to the input and output of materials and potential waste that has been produced through the process, the manufacturing sector is one of those subject to thorough analysis. Because of that, new practices that will improve the sustainability of your original manufacturing operations are…
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