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What Contract Flooring Options Available?

What Contract Flooring Options Available?

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What is Contract Flooring ?

Contract flooring is defining as the flooring work carry out through commercial and contract projects. The contract flooring job usually come from architects, home builders, property developers and any company where the flooring needs refreshment. Commercial properties basically require flooring that handle high foot traffics, so it is crucial that you get a flooring solution that is durable and easy to maintain.

Contract Flooring Options Available in Stellar Design

As supplier and installer of all quality contract floor covering, every project that we undertake is different and we quote the flooring project based on the nature of the job, the materials required and also the time involved. It is understood that floor coverings used in public areas are subjected to heavy traffic on a daily basis, and materials used must be of a much higher grade than those used in homes for example.

We have the exceptional range of floor covering services for our clients. You can rest assured that the installation of your new flooring is in the possession of a professional with decades of experience, be it an office, a warehouse or a public building. From the initial site visit we conduct the entire project, providing the new flooring, and complete flooring installation.

We maintain a large collections of business carpet tiles, hospitality carpet tiles, education carpet tiles, healthcare carpet tiles and vinyl flooring.

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