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Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles is The Choice

Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles is The Choice

Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles is The Choice

While end users continue to focus more on sustainability, the carpet industry works to meet demand by designing products and technologies to lessen the environmental impact. As such, many businesses have worked to create new eco-friendly solutions such as 100 per cent recyclable carpets. When looking for the most eco-friendly carpet, we suggest to look for carpet made from natural fibers such as wool, jute, and cotton or recycled materials.

Considering the environmental impact of the carpet as a whole, we must consider the carpet as a whole and not just the fibers material. Therefore, we must ensure that parts such as the backing and cushioning systems are also recyclable and low-emitting. A further sustainable alternative to consider is carpet tiles. While the carpet tiles need more materials due to their thick backrest, they are generally considered more eco-friendly than wall-to-wall carpets.

Why Carpet Tiles Considered as More Eco-Friendly

There are two main reasons why carpet tiles are considered more environmentally friendly. Firstly during carpet installation process, carpet tiles do not need too much trimming, so they produce less waste. In addition, a single carpet tile can be easily replaced in the event of stains, rips or other damage, which result into minimal waste. If the wall-to-wall carpet is damaged, the entire carpet would need to be ripped, disposed of, and reinstalled, creating significantly more waste not only in terms of the carpet but also in terms of the adhesive system used to install it.

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