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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Office Carpet?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Office Carpet?

Office Carpet Tiles Replacement & Installation

Installing a new carpet tiles in the office will certainly be a visual enhancement. Having those lovely bright colors spread across the floor without any blemishes is like injecting a new life to the office environment. New carpeting is clean and sterile but it will not last long unfortunately. No matter how much work a user can put in preserving and keeping the carpet tiles, at some stage the carpet will always have to be replaced. This will not usually be necessary for the first few years after the installation of carpet tiles, but it is important to get ready before the replacement of the carpet flooring becomes an inevitable task to do. Proper installation of carpet tiles may increase the longevity of a carpet; poor installation can result in excessive wear and tear. Finally, padding has a beneficial influence on the life of a carpet, as it provides a buffer between the floor and the actual carpet.

Here are signs that it is time to remove your office carpet tiles.

  1. When stains are not easily cleanable anymore, it may be time to remove the carpet. Commercial carpets are typically treated with stain-resistant finishes but this finish has a relatively limited lifetime and will gradually wear off, making the carpet more susceptible to staining.
  2. Areas of heavy traffic are typically the very first location to display signs of wear and tear. When you have seen the duct tape keeping the carpet tiles together, that is a pretty good sign of the need for a new carpet flooring.
  3. When odors linger after a thorough cleaning, this is a warning that not only the carpet but also the padding has permeated the odors, or worse, that the fungus may have penetrated the flooring of the carpet. Desinfecting the padding underneath the carpeting can be challenging and costly.
  4. Padding helps to protect the carpet, thereby making it easier to walk on. It also offers safety, and acts as a noise dampener. If there are signs of unevenness and wrinkling it’s time to start replacing the carpet.
  5. The aging carpet may be the one cause of allergies, because over time it absorbs more allergens and particulate.
  6. As with shoes and clothing, carpets are fashionable. Carpet types and design are becoming popular but also fading from popularity over the time. Don’t expect carpets to last forever.

If you find that one or more of these signs match your carpeting, there is a decent chance you’ll need to replace a new office carpet. Professional carpet flooring contractors have the expertise and know-how to help you to select a commercial-grade carpet that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable. Contact us for more information on office carpet replacement & installation.

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