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Vinyl Flooring Contractor Malaysia

Select A Reputable Vinyl Flooring Malaysia

Installation of the vinyl flooring is now much in demand. If you are talking about office space or house, this is always the best choice. Without a question, the variety of designs and colors improves the overall look of those tiles. There are indeed many advantages of installing Vinyl flooring such as water proof, easy…
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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring is a very inexpensive flooring alternative which is becoming increasingly popular. Made from a variety of synthetic materials including fabric, felt, fiberglass, dyes, ethylene and chlorine.vinyl flooring, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and has the great benefit of being waterproof. Vinyl comes in sheet, tile or board form, and is…
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Vinyl Flooring vs Carpet Flooring

Vinly Flooring VS Carpet Flooring

One of the widely debated for rental properties and apartments is the choice between vinyl flooring and carpet flooring. In the key areas many people settle on vinyl flooring and the carpet flooring on bedroom. We break down some of the main reasons you need to consider about vinyl flooring and carpet flooring. Price Both flooring option is…
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Commercial Carpet Tiles & Custom Design Carpet

How To Choose Commercial Project Carpet Tiles in Malaysia

Believe it or not, the appearances matter in any industry. Besides improving your brand identity, your carpet tiles can have an impact that goes far beyond appearances. Special and attractive decor has a direct effect on people’s attitudes and interactions within your organization. Thus, picking a carpet tiles that provide both longevity and functionality in…
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Office Carpet Tiles Replacement & Installation

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Office Carpet?

Installing a new carpet tiles in the office will certainly be a visual enhancement. Having those lovely bright colors spread across the floor without any blemishes is like injecting a new life to the office environment. New carpeting is clean and sterile but it will not last long unfortunately. No matter how much work a…
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Office interior design & concepts

New Office Interior Design Ideas and Concepts

Ask yourself questions like these: How do you feel about the world itself? Does the atmosphere restrict you or empower you? Do you feel more alert or distant by the sights, thoughts, scents, etc.? When it comes to designing a company office space, especially in terms of home office design, it is really all about…
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Education Carpet - Benefits of Carpet Tiles in Educational Institutions / School

Benefits of Carpet Tiles in Educational Institutions / School

For schools looking to replace old, deteriorated, vinyl flooring, carpet tiles are a great option. There’s more to consider when choosing flooring for your school than just price and design alone. Today we are looking at how flooring affects important classroom performance, and we are giving you the information you need to make the right choice…
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Carpet Tiles Project Contractor

Choose the best carpet tiles project contractor

Today’s carpet tiles offer virtually all of the warmth, comfort, health and safety benefits. We may lack the wider custom design choices, but carpet tiles certainly have their own advantages and can be readily used for striking effect in most commercial and industrial projects, as the inspiring pictures show throughout this guide. Maybe it’s time for…
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Contract Flooring Malaysia

What Stellar Design Contract Flooring Can Offers?

Stellar Design is an industry leader in carpet tiles solution provider. We have over 25 years Of experience in the industry. Companies from all sorts of industries such as SMEs, conglomerates, government, education, healthcare and hospitality has its own specific needs and requirements of a suitable carpet flooring. Thus, please have a looks on what…
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Carpet Tiles Color Selections

Stellar Design Carpet Tiles Color Concept

Colors is everywhere. The color inspires and captivates an integral part of our everyday lives. This allows for imagination and helps to ease self-expression. It takes for simplicity and makes it more appealing by using the color concept in carpet tiles or modular carpets. A truly great building is more than just a performances checklist.…
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